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Cellulite Removal Instrument G10 Massager: These unique massage devices
(G10 slimming unit / machine) obtain deep results and resolve besetting tensions
Massages are more effective than manual massages or those with regular devices
They only demand a minimum of strength for a maximum of results and various
tips make them applicable to the whole body With step less adjustment possibilities
you can treat your customers aimed and individually, ensuring they are going to
come back It is a professional heavy duty massage, as used many professional
football clubs, gyms, slimming clinics and beauty salons This can take the place
of hands to give the therapist a rest at needy times The gee machine has an unique
directional stroking action and aids cellulite reduction, slimming muscle relaxation,
as well as a general feeling of well being. The unit comes with eight attachments
Fat remove equipment with vibrating massage is a kind of equipment
used by professional beautician.
It's high quality equipment used in cosmetology field with independent intellectual
property. Having the characteristic of new design, simple operation and durability,
this machine is the best choice to be used in salon, hospital, gymnasium, school
and family to refresh and rejuvenate the skin & body