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Nasyam, the Administrative therapy of the medicinal oils through the nasal route. Nasyam, is one of the classical Panchakarma treatment to detox the
nasal channel and to to clean the psycho-neuro origin too. Nasyam opens up the clogged nasal route and maintains the system to function better.
In chronic head-aches, nasal blocks, decongestions are cleared in a short time treatment. Facial palsy, headaches, sinus, cataract, and the
hyper-pigmentation of the face are the other benefits of Nasyam. Nasya is most important therapy as it is used for the treatment of supra-sternal
diseases(Urdhvajatrugata-Roga). Nose is the gateway of head, the drug administered through the nose, reaches the head, brain, & eliminates the
morbid bio-humors responsible for the diseases. Nasya is also very beneficial for Parkinson's disease and hiccough etc.