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"Snehan & swedan", are also known as the "Purvakarma", or pre-treatment steps or the initial steps for body cleansing. They are followed by "Shodan", the later
understanding of the "Panchakarma". The five practical aims of Ayurveda in the treatment of the diseases. The main aim of "Panchakarma", is to reverse the diseases
and bringing back the body into the normal(original), state of disease less conditions. "Shodan", directly puts the patients to the "Panchakarma" experiences of vamana(emesis),
virechana(purgation), vasti(enema), nasyam(nasal administration), and finally Rakta-mokshana(blood-letting). The gross benefits of "Panchakarma" is elimination of body toxins,
opening up the blocked channels, improving the strength of the digestive fire, recovering metabolism, reducing the body weight, relaxing the mind and boosting up the immunity.