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One of the most popular therapy practiced in the ancient Ayurveda. Potli massage is a mixed spices, herbs, churan, and other herbal mixtures and oil are mediated in a
warm condition(not cooking or deep frying or warming), collected in a square cloth to make it as a bolster(boluses), are applied with with warm oil. The Potli is repeated
applied and rolled in the warm oil and applied by fomentation method to allow the herbal juices to spread in the body tissues. The Potli massage is highly beneficial for
rheumatism, Arthrits, spondylitis, osteo-arthritis, frozen shoulders,and for pains & inflammations. Potli massage gives good sleep, removes the toxins from the blood
level & the tissue level, enhances blood circulation,and brings a good change in the body pain. Patients feel most comfort by this treatment.