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The Benefits of Manual Therapy for Pain Relief:
Manual therapy can offer a number of benefits for athletes and those suffering from chronic pain. Often physical therapy includes some form of manual therapy
in conjunction with exercises specifically geared to strengthen the injured area and relieve discomfort. There are a number of different techniques used in manual
therapy but the goal is to stimulate the soft tissue, relieve tense muscles, improve joint function, and alleviate any pain associated with the injury.

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What Is Manual Therapy?
There are a number of different techniques used in manual therapy but it can be broken down into two different types: manipulation and soft tissue therapy. These two types of manual therapy are often used together to better facilitate healing.

  • Manipulation. Manipulation is what you commonly think of when talking about a chiropractor. This is often hands on work on joints and the back and might include different techniques geared to alleviate pressure in the area and help the bones realign properly.
  • Soft Tissue Work. Soft tissue massage helps to stimulate healing and relax muscle. Practitioners may use their hands or special instruments to aid in the process, such as Tecnica Gavilan.

What Benefits Can Manual Therapy Provide?
Most often, patients who seek practitioners to perform manual therapy are experiencing pain or discomfort. But alleviation of pain isn't the only benefit to manual therapy. Manual therapy can be used to improve functions of both soft tissue and joints throughout the body. Some areas of the body which are commonly treated through different forms of manual therapy include the back and all parts of the spine, shoulders, wrists, feet, ankles, knees, and hips. Some benefits of manual therapy include:

  • Decreased Pain. The goal for manual therapy is that any pain the patient is experiencing will be alleviated and eventually eliminated.
  • Increased Performance. Using manual therapy in conjunction with training and exercise can help athletes improve their overall performance.
  • Increased Range of Motion. For those with joint pain, manual therapy can eliminate pain and increase the range of motion which is especially important for those who are experiencing a diminished ability to move due to pain.

For athletes, manual therapy can become an integral part of training and recovery from performance. Those who compete at a high level know the aches and pains associated with their game day. Adding manual therapy techniques to their exercise and other training routines can keep their body in optimal health. The manipulation associated with this type of therapy can also improve the patient's performance time and ability.

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